Born in West Virginia coal mines in 1984, Thermo-Tech Conveyor Belt Heaters were conceived to eliminate freezing, sticking, slipping, and sliding problems related to conveyor belts and respective rolls, pulleys, scrapers, bucket elevators, and augers. It also solves problems where wet, moisture-laden materials stick to flat, curved, or perforated surfaces such as chutes, bins, hoppers, gates, screens, and grizzlies. Complete heated chutes, bins, hoppers, gates, and grizzlies are custom-built. Thermo-Tech offers heaters for mine/tunnel air ventilation and harsh environments. It retrofits existing conveyors or work with manufacturers to include our solutions in new construction. Anything it specifies and provides has a 100% performance guarantee!

215 Headsville Road
Keyser, WV 26726
+1 304 788 1400

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