Mineral Products, Inc. manufactures:
The 6260 active track and yard cleaner. The 6260 can rapidly clean your main line, yard, or storage area tracks. With the 6260, active tracks are no problem! It can easily move itself on and off the track under smooth or rough terrain conditions. The 6260 has several interchangeable processing heads and discharge attachments,

The MPI 3520 Axle Dolly is for recovering failed or disabled rail equipment preventing unnecessary track delays. It can be assembled by two people in minutes at the break down site and once assembled it can carry a 35 US ton load capacity at a 10 MPH travel speed (creep speeds in crossings, crossovers, curves and turnouts).

905 Amax Road, P. O. Box 445,
Carrier Mills, Illinois 62917
+1 618 841 0978

[email protected]

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